Sales and retention using innovative marketing and technology


This Brand was looking for a partner who could provide a high-volume scalable marketing platform from scratch along with the support staff, technology and infrastructure to build an high volume customer acquisition model from first contact to contract. A robust marketing campaign creating a high volume of customer inquiries coupled with a proprietary CRM and sales process efficiencies would ensure a seamless journey for the customer and high conversion rate for the partner.


Our approach to this program included a full understanding of client’s business model and pain points. FIMAC took such an interest in the brand, a corporate equity partnership was forged. This allowed FIMAC to be deeply vested into the success of the brand. This would insure all future marketing development needs would be met and would reduce the dreaded “nickel and diming”, while also creating efficiencies around implementation and insure success.

  • Customer Acquisition Model: A web based inquiry, Call center screening of all inquiries, A robust CRM to insure high conversion.
  • Marketing: With a high cost savings on customer acquisition coupled with almost doubled rates of conversion there was an high increase of the flexibility to present promotional discounts and value offers to prospective clients.
  • Technology: API integrations, customized marketing scripts, A comprehensive proprietary CRM built exclusively for the brand.


  • Created a collaborative and meaningful equity partnership fostering ideation and brand growth
  • Developed the brand’s ecosystem while reinforcing confidence in the sales team’s expertise, delivery, and the brands growth potential
  • Dramatic brand growth and increased new client acquisition over 400% within first 9 months
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